How can a card alter an individual’s distress into a positive solution?

The Pandemic Situation

It has been more than a year since the world came to a halt due to Covid-19. Since the lock-down, people have been deprived of performing daily tasks, activities, and interactions. People have been deprived of having a normal life. Friendships, family gatherings, hookups, work, events, and activities have been dramatically altered because a vaccine for covid-19 has not been fully distributed yet, with that uncertainty of who is not vaccinated comes worries.

Covid-19 and Its Impact

Students have been restricted from connecting with colleagues, from going back to class, and living the college experience, to being impacted in their education. Kids have been cut-off from seeing their friends and also from performing healthy activities such as playing sports, going back to class, having beach days with family, taking their dogs to the park, to not being able to see their favorite character at major attractions.

Let us not forget about single people; Covid-19 has prevented single people from meeting potential hook-ups at clubs (and taking them back to their place!), from going to social events such as Pride, and meeting a potential date, friend or hook up! Socializing is now a health risk and the risk is too high.

Who Has Been Vaccinated So Far ?

Right now the COVID vaccines are only being distributed to health workers, the elderly, and people with serious health conditions. Luckily the FDA has approved covid-19 vaccines that have shown positive results combating the infection. This places the rest of the people that have not been vaccinated in a limbo of having hope but also stress over when the vaccine will come their way. Not to worry, three vaccines have been approved and before July comes our way we will all have been vaccinated, but that comes with showing proof of vaccination.

Once The World Fully Opens and Returns To Normal, What Then?

The world has begun to open up 20% – 50%, This means that people are doing daily tasks and activities. Some serious questions should be taken into consideration:

  • Who has been vaccinated already?
  • How do you prove it?
  • Once we can have a normal life and perform normal activities then what?

Going back to work will not be the same. Going out with your spouse or partner on vocational trips, going back to school, and also going out on dates will require proof of vaccination. Think of all the fun activities that will be available… Indoor movies will return to normal, clubs will have long lines, restaurants will have a waiting list, concerts will be packed, resorts and many other activities for children and adults will be available. An easy way to prove your vaccination is here:

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Blog writer, Jonathan R